Thermal Management

Material Insights. High Temperature Solutions.

To meet the needs of high temperature applications, we're experts in working with a range of asbestos-free materials available for continuous and short-term applications. Our material knowledge and formulations, along with our unique refining and thermo-forming processes, can meet specific packaging requirements. Plus, we're continuously developing solutions for complete single- and multi-layer rigid and formable direct shielding systems that withstand flame and smoke.

Self Adhesive Thermal Shield

Use this extremely lightweight material that combines a highly refined fiber core and thin foil facing to protect sensitive elements from heat.

Heat Shield Filler

Provide heat protection using filler material that provides superior thermal protection in heat shields.

Thermal Millboard

Avoid asbestos in millboards with a high-density material that provides excellent compressive strength in a variety of applications up to 2,300°F.